Hi, I'm Katelyn!
Front End Developer & UX Engineer
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    I'm Katelyn, a front end web developer, UX engineer, graduate of the University of Florida, slave to my internet connection, and a fervent believer in the Oxford comma. My interests include Human-Computer Interaction, User Experience, Web Development, and Product Management. I strive for fostering empathy within my team for my end-users, and creating products that delight.

  • Play

    In my spare time, I enjoy playing new board games, playing a friendly match of soccer with my coworkers, or watching an episode of my latest favorite show on Netflix while cuddling with my black cat Lucian. On the weekends you might find me exploring a new local restaurant or dabbling in my latest art project endeavor.


Some of my work.

Agentology CallConnect

Front End Development

Agentology Agent Portal

Full Stack Development

Agentology Self Signup

Front End Development

FlexShopper FlexAdmin

Front End Development & UX Design

FlexShopper FlexWallet

Front End Development

Trimark Dorms

Front End Development & UX Design


The intersection of design and development has been an interest I've enjoyed exploring. Here are some of the skills I've developed along the way.

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Web Development

Utilizing technologies such as Angular, AngularJS, Javascript ES6, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Express, Node, PHP, and many others, I have contributed to a range of projects including web and mobile apps, games, data visualization, and art displays.

UX & Product Design

I use tools such as Balsamiq and Photoshop to develop wireframes and mockups that communicate my ideas about information architecture, layout, and page flow. Sometimes even a simple hand-drawn sketch will do. Iteration is the name of the game.

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